History Of Mukluks

Mention the term Mukluks to anyone who knows a bit about Ugg boots and they will most assuredly tell you that the term referred to are Uggs of the highest quality classic sheep skin. Although the sets in which the boots are sold at present are called Uggs but the original boots were always known as Mukluks by workers and merchants of the Arctic Circle who had seen them first hand and consequently referred to them as Uggs. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The term Mukluks has its roots in the native tongue of the Aklys (queens of the Plain) who lived in the north of Alaska and therefore were called Uges (aunts). These women took great pride in theirules, that is to say, they didn’t mind whether they got sun burnt or not, and they would proudly send photographs of themselves sun bathing to family and friends.

When World War I ended in the summer of 1918 a lot of families had left their homes, left behind everything they loved and most certainly everything they had invested in buying the boots from the Uggs dealer in the town.

There was only one way to get these boots now if you had an Aklys and a lot of patience and that was to buy a pair of the boots, yes the boots with a pink color and no part of the fleece on the top.

And form the very beginning the boots were used for what they were intended, to make the very cold and very, very wet in the arctic climate look alternatively presentable and this is also the case even today… but for the sake of appearances they are also known nowadays as Mukluks!

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the boots seemed to lose their popularity. This strange drop off in popularity can be attributed to a lot of reasons but the main one was the fact that they had little market for the boots and after a while they seemed to have ” descended” so to speak. That is, there was a period of time when buying the boots for the Arcticagle was seen as identical to buying them for a sports trainer (old shoes were hard to find any more). I seem to remember them being very brightly decorated when they weren’t being worn by anyone (I seem to remember them as the standard colour).

In the 1980’s the appearance of the boots was changed and a fur top was added and a plastic pair of Oats was added. The top was popularly given the name of Mukluks but then the Oats company took advantage of the name and the Mukluks name was mentioned several times in sting drives.

Overall the name Mukluks will stick to us as a name because of the extreme warmth and the simplistic appearance of the boot. The name has never been further removed from the Arctic regions of the finest sheepskin.

The trademark appearance of the boot i.e. the stopper of the boot with the sheepskin brim, the ridges on the sole and the hem and heel bring it immediate recognition.

Traditionally the boots are hand knitted in Fairbanks, Alaska, the ” Soul ofak” boot being the most traditional model.